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The no.1 Tonkatsu in Japan

The art of tonkatsu is about enjoying the harmony of tender pork meat coated in airy breadcrumbs and drizzled over with a rich, flavourful sauce. At MaiSEN Tonkatsu, we don't compromise on quality. We use only quality ingredients, the freshest produce, and cooking methods so that customers can enjoy truly delicious tonkatsu.

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The Maisen Story

The Maisen Story

For over 58 years, MAiSEN is well known in Japan for its tender meat Tonkatsu, or more affectionately recognized as "Tonkatsu so tender that it can be cut with chopsticks".

Half a century later, MAiSEN Japan has grown to serve its famous tonkatsu all over Japan with 13 dine-in restaurants and 60 takeaway kiosks. In 2012, Thailand was the first country overseas to house MAiSEN restaurants followed by Taiwan, Phillipines, and now, Malaysia! 

Everyday we strive to maintain our unique style to ensure that every diner, from children to the elderly, can have a wonderful dining experience with their loved ones.

MAiSEN's main restaurant in Aoyama, Seiyokan, is famous for taking the dressing room of a bath-house built in the late 1920s, and turning it into a restaurant. During the time of the conversion, people had no real concept of "reuse" like they do now. It was thus considered a fresh and surprising idea to repurpose an old building, which became a hot topic for conversation and was highly acclaimed. 

Customer First

Our founder, Chiyoko Koide, often said that we should put the customer first. This corporate philosophy was created to clarify the values ​​and policies that each employee should share.

At Maisen, we have inherited the aspirations of our founding, and all of our employees will work together to become an even better company for the delicious smiles of our customers.


Message from the President

Our founder, Chiyoko Koide, often said that we should put the customer first. This corporate philosophy was created to clarify the values ​​and policies that each employee should share.

Since its founding in 1965, Tonkatsu Maisen has been committed to "soft pork cutlet that can be cut with chopsticks" and has continued to make efforts to make it delicious for everyone from children to the elderly.

In the past few years, the world has changed greatly due to the coronavirus and war, but I believe that the fundamental desires of "I want to eat delicious food" and "I want to see the happy faces of my loved ones" are universal.

We want to deliver that universal happiness and joy to our customers through our products and services. That is the corporate philosophy of "for the delicious smiles of our customers."

In addition to providing products that are safe and secure, we would like all employees to continue to have the awareness of providing services that are “always looking forward” and “a little more than before” at touchpoints between people and products, and people and people. thinking about.

Each and every employee thinks and acts with a "customer first" mindset, and Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that "has a lot of thoughtful consideration."


Katsuhide Kunihiro,
President of Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd.

About Tonkatsu

About Tonkatsu

Waiting Room


An important factor of the Maisen flavor is the sauce. We produce four kinds of sauce: "sweet sauce" (Amakuchi), "Worcestershire sauce" (Karakuchi), "tenderloin katsu sandwich sauce," and the "special sauce" used exclusively for black-skinned pork. The Maisen founders tested out new recipes again and again, striving everyday behind the counter at their small shop to create our delicious flavors.


Taking pork made to proper size and shape, we apply breadcrumbs made from our own original bread receipt using special techniques. We then fry the tonkatsu in our special oil while carefully adjusting the heat.

We make our breadcrumbs with the aim of achieving the level of "kendachi" in our tonkatsu - an expression of how the breadcrumbs stand straight, often likened to the state of blossomed flowers.


Each slice of pork used is carefully cut, and then pounded to loosen the tendons. This ensures a tender and juicy cut of meat. For added variety, we also offer Kurobuta pork on our menu.

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Culture of Tonkatsu

Culture of Tonkatsu

Every tonkatsu meal is served alongside freeflowing sauce, bowls of fragrant rice and heaps of thinly sliced fresh cabbage - this is the authentic way to savor the flavours of tonkatsu.

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