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About Tonkatsu


At MAiSEN, we do not compromise on our cuisine. We are particular about the ingredients and cooking methods, ensuring our customers can savour truly delicious tonkatsu. "Compromise" has no place here.


Commitment to Pork

Serving delicious tonkatsu to our customers is always our intention and promise. In order to do this, we only use pork meat which is tested over and over again, and then approved by MAiSEN Japan. At MAiSEN, we have our own meat specifications designated to our suppliers such as the thickness of fat and so on.

We prepare the carefully selected pork with even more care. The sinew is pounded and beaten to loosen the meat fibers. This is a time-consuming task, but you can't cut corners. This is because if one string is not cut properly, the shape of the meat will be lost when it is fried, and the texture will change when you eat it.


This is our commitment to pork that pursues deliciousness every time.



Sourcing high-quality pork meat is a fundamental process for making MAiSEN’s tonkatsu. However, we don't just stop there.


We manually prepare the meat, slice by slice, to ensure each piece is evenly tender, using original preparation methods handed down from our founders. Since the rise of meat temperature negatively affects its quality, special techniques to complete the meat preparation process within a specified short time period must be followed, and that's what makes the signature MAiSEN tender tonkatsu.


Breadcrumbs & Oil

An integral part of the art of tonkatsu is the breadcrumbs, frying oil, and the skillfulness of the Breading Master. These important elements cannot be neglected when creating a batter that gently wraps delicious pork meat, fried to golden perfection. MAiSEN's crispy and light texture is the reason it's cherished across generations.


Firstly, our breadcrumbs are made from fresh bread baked daily using our original recipe. MAiSEN's unique breadcrumbs differ in ingredients, size, and shape from commercially available ones.


The application of breadcrumbs on the pork slices is done exclusively by our certified Breading Masters using original techniques from our founders. This ensures the same quality tonkatsu as in Japan at our overseas stores.


Finally, selecting a mild and high-quality oil is essential. We maintain quality control by checking the oil's acidity daily, as instructed by MAiSEN Japan. The Breading Master consistently observes and adjusts the frying oil's temperature to achieve "kendachi," where the breadcrumbs stand straight after frying, resembling blossomed flowers.



Tonkatsu Sauce

The defining factor of MAiSEN’s tonkatsu lies in its sauce—a rich and thick blend that perfectly complements the crispy and tender tonkatsu.

These delightful, full-flavoured sauces are crafted using original recipes passed down from our founders, involving slow simmering of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with 10 types of spices. In our early days, sauces were prepared daily at the counter of a small store, perfected through trial and error. Today, our central production unit creates these sauces in larger quantities, following the original recipes, and with a commitment to meticulous blending to ensure the desired taste.


MAiSEN presents a trio of exquisite sauces to enhance your tonkatsu experience: Amakuchi, delightfully sweet and tangy; Karakuchi, boldly savoury; and Sando Sauce, a savoury and tangy delight that perfectly complements our katsu sando sandwich.

Breading Master

Breading Master

For 50 years since its founding, the craftsmanship of Breading Masters has preserved the taste of MAiSEN's Tonkatsu. In order to deliver delicious tonkatsu 50 years from now, no, 100 years from now, we must pass on these techniques that have succeeded through generations of devoted craftsmen.​

Therefore, MAiSEN has introduced the Breading Master Programme. This qualification is given to employees who have passed the practical and written exams in learning the MAiSEN Tonkatsu know-how: from skillfully applying breadcrumbs to achieve kendachi, to managing the frying oil. A Breading Master who excels not only in breading but also in preparing pork is awarded the title of "Grand Meister."

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